10 June 2014

Review // TFIOS


Sorry I haven't put this post up sooner, I've been so busy!!

This post isn't part of the travel series, it's a review on TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars), which I was lucky enough to go see with my friend on Wednesday night!
WARNING: Spoilers!

This movie is amazing, and so, so sad! I really like the way the movie starts, especially them meeting at support group and such. I really think that the way they portrayed all the characters was perfect, and so was the casting! I love Peter's casting and character the most though, he was exactly as I imagined while reading the book! My friend was crying so hard during the funeral scene and the last scene, but I was so upset I couldn't cry! 

Augustus seemed so lost during the part at the gas station; almost like a little puppy! He was so.... sensitive, and sweet, and caring, and confident, and one day I'd like my own Augustus Waters! (Who doesn't die of course..)

I could talk about this for hours, but I'll just leave it at that. Comment below what you thought of TFIOS, and if you want me to do a review for Maleficient!

xx georgina

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