30 May 2014

Travel Series // bathroom essentials


Continuing on with the "Travel" theme, here is what I would take in my makeup bag!!

From // Mozi

A couple of lip balms...
From // The Body Shop

A moisturizer... 
From // Coles
A BB Cream...
From // ModelCO

A Toothbrush... (plus toothpaste)
From // wherever you get toothbrushes from??

A cleanser/toner thing...
From // I mixed this myself because I was too lazy to cleanse then tone, so I made it quicker!

Hair ties, hair clips, and a hair brush...
From // pretty self-explanatory

Nail Biters... (just my essential, I cannot stop!!)
From // mum got this for me sooooo

Thanks for reading!

X Georgina

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