26 May 2014

Travel Series // What to wear


Today's post is a little different... it's what to wear when traveling! This is part of a series I will post throughout June, kind of because of a big holiday this year!

First of all, a hoodie, tank top/loose fitting top and jeggings! This is for a colder day, or in an aeroplane.
Hoodie // Ghanda
Tank Top // Target
Jeggings // Pumpkin Patch

This one is something I'd wear in the car, as it's a bit weird for an aeroplane! PJ bottoms, and a top (with a hood in my case!)
Hoodie Top // Gift from friend
PJ Bottoms // "borrowed" from mum *hehe*
Movie // Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

ignore my dad's beer bottles in the corner

This one's a bit strange, but it's comfy! I would NEVER wear this on an aeroplane (but I have been seen on the odd occasion wearing this to the supermarket!) onesie and a cute scrunchie.
Onesie // Gift from a friend
Scrunchie // Kmart

X Georgina


  1. Love your onesie! And hey I'm in love with your blog and the design it's so gorgeous. I'll be having mine customized by Cory too. She's the beesst! ;) Please visit and join my site too.

    Midnight Blues

    1. Isn't Cory the best?? She is oh so wonderful!
      I love my onesie, I had been wanting one for ages when I opened this gift! I spend way too much time in it!!
      About to check your blog out now,
      xx Georgina


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