13 June 2014



I am super happy to (finally!) publish this post for all of you!

It's a......(drumroll please)..... FRANK STATIONERY + DEERS AND DAISIES BLOG GIVEAWAY!!
You could win a Frank Stationery pencilcase of your choice!

It starts on the 13th of June and ends on the 10th of August (lots of time to get your entries in!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

xx Georgina
NOTE: Anyone who does NOT comment on this post (which is mandatory) will not be counted as an entry :)


  1. Oh my goodness! These pencilcases are just adorable! That yellow polkadot one is to dieeee for!

  2. Wow!! They are so cute �� EXITING!

  3. THE BLUE POLKADOTS xx so sweet

  4. I would love to win because the pencil cases are so cute and I am in desperate need of a new one!

  5. I'd be thrilled to win as these pencil cases are the perfect back-to-school must have!! Such cute patterns and colours!!

  6. Probably the cutest pencil cases ever!!!

  7. So excited! Lovely pencil cases :)

  8. OMG! What a cute pencil case?! *screaming* Oh so lovely! A must have ladies!

  9. That pencil case is so cute, I love it that you are collaborating with Frank, they are amazing!

  10. can we all just take a moment to appreciate georgina's blog bc it is beaming with so much radness if thats even a word. and now that my announcement is over I love your blog darling and would soo love to win this giveaway partly because i've never really won anything in giveaways before and also bc the yellow one is cute and i need it in my life xoxo

  11. Hi Georgina,
    I would absolutely love to win one of these pencil cases...
    1) Because I absolutely love your blog!
    2) Because it would be so exiting to say I have won a competition on YOUR blog!

  12. It's just because your blog's too rad. I've been like stalking? I mean visiting since weeks ago. Also because I soooo love frank stationery products!! I first got a Lincoln Backpack from my aunt and I definitely loved it as in I use it wherever I go! I would really be glad to have another frank on my collection! Best of luck to those who joined! xx

    Hope you could visit also my blog!


  13. Hi Georgina, you have a lovely blog! I would love to win one of those awesome pencil cases, they are the cutest! I do live abroad, hope that's not a problem? Happy blogging! x

  14. Hi Georgina! I'm not sure if entered correctly, but I hope i did! I would love to win one of these pencil cases they are so adorable! I am in need of a new one and would be perfect for next year, the big year of going into high school! Because it's s uniformed school, you cannot express your personality through your clothing, so why no express it through your stationary! This pencil case would be great!

    Abbey xx

  15. Hi!
    Amazing Giveaway! I so fell in love with stationary, pencil cases, pens,.... you know all that fun stuff! :D
    The ones you´re giving away are really pretty and I´m sure I would use them a lot! I think they would fit my kind of style just perfectly (Especially the blue one with polka dots, just so cute) and I´d be really happy to win!

    Hope you´re coming up with more exciting competitions like this! Love reading your blog
    Best wishes,

  16. Hi Georgina,
    i realy love your blog, the post you put up are realy cool and people like you inspire me to make my own blog so thank you:)

  17. Hey gorgeous, amazing giveaway!
    I would love to win this because i think the pencil cases are so so gorgeous and they suit my personality so well!
    Lots of Love.
    Chelsea xxx

  18. It would be so so sooooo amazing to, I have never won a givaway before and I think it would best if I won one of my best friends giveaways. Plus those pencil cases are so cute!

  19. Thank you so much for hosting an amazing giveaway, those pencil cases are just so gorgeous that I literally screamed! Thanks so much and keep up your amazing work on your blog because it's one of my top reads!

    Olivia xx

  20. Hi Georgina! i love your blog a lot bc it's hella cute *present tense* (im cheesy lol) and i thought why not winning one bc assdfgfgjkl it's cute and i always love cute pencil case and yea hope i win ;))

  21. Hey Georgina
    I really would like (LOVE) to win a pencil case that cute, from one of my friends blogs. And it's the sort of pencil case I love❤️. I also would like to win one because it looks like a good/great pencil case to carry around from place to place and I have lots of pens to carry around. Thanks x


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