20 September 2014

sunshine award


waaaaay back in june, I was tagged for the sunflower blogger award by Popcorn + Paisley (thanks guys!) after a long delay, I have finally written my post!

here are the rules:

1. thank the person who nominated you
2. answer the questions from the person who has nominated you
3. nominate your bloggers (11 being the standard)
4. make a set of questions for the people you nominated
5. tell them you nominated them.
6. put the award picture on your blog.
I decided to answer the questions from Miss Asha as there wasn't any questions for me to answer on Popcorn + Paisley
1 // favourite singer? 
Yuna, by far!
2 // favourite colour? 
Peachy pink (1234567890), and sunshine yellow (1234567890)! oooooh and mint (1234567890)
3 // what camera do you use to take the photos on your blog?
an Olympus SP-560UZ, aha!
4 // what do you like about blogging?
definitely the community!
5 // what is your favourite blog post of yours?
hmm, my room tour pt. 1 post!
6 // what are your favourite blogs?
My Lily Cat Blog , Emily Jane Blog , Miss Zali , Popcorn + Paisley , Chestnutt Blog , A Little Birdy Blog , Vanilla Craft Blog , Hello Stella , Abbey Leigh Blog , Lucy Out And About , Hello Fox Blog and many more!
7 // do you play any instruments?
no :-(
8. favourite word?
hmm, lovely!

Emily from 
My Lily Cat Blog ,
Emily from Emily Jane Blog ,
Zali from Miss Zali ,
Chessie from Chestnutt Blog ,
Chloe from  A Little Birdy Blog ,
Harri from Vanilla Craft Blog ,
Stella from Hello Stella ,
Abbey from  Abbey Leigh Blog ,
Lucy from Lucy Out And About and
Jess from Hello Fox Blog !!

1 // What is your favourite colour?

2 // What is your favourite band?
3 // What is your favourite quote?
4 // Watermelons or pizza?
5 // What do you want to be when you are older?
6 // What is your favourite post on someone else's blog?
7 // What is your favourite youtube video?
8 // What is your favourite food?

thanks for reading!
georgina x


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