24 September 2014

guest post // candy and jess' film reviews


Today, I have a guest post from Candy and Jess' Film Reviews , two of my very good friends. A while ago they asked if they could be featured on my blog, and I said of course! Anyway, over to them!

xx georgina


Divergent is based on the original book by Veronica Roth set in the ruins of Chicago after 'the' war. The city has been divided up into five factions; Amity(peaceful), Dauntless(brave), Candor(truthful), Erudite(intelligent), and Abnegation(selfless). At the age of sixteen every boy and girl must make a life changing decision of what faction they will spend the rest of there life in. Now it's Beatrice Prior's turn to make this decision, and the faction that she chooses will change her life forever.

I really enjoy this movie, but it is quite different from the book; there is only one snogging part, the butter knife scene is not in it, and the end is a bit different. I personally think that the ending in the movie is better then in the book. The one thing that does disappoint me is that the miss a giant part in the movie that is in between capture the flag to the zip line scene. 
I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has read the book or has an interest in science fiction movies.

"Three ravens. One for each family member I left behind."

- Tris Prior

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