17 August 2014

Room Tour // Part 1

hello lovelies!
today's post is extra-diddly-dee-exciting! it's my room tour! I hope you enjoy!

 this is my door! On it I have a two-month calender from Frankie, a door handle I made and two G's my friend made me for my nickname (GG)
this is my beanbag! it's in the corner to the left of my door and it's from target! to the left I have old school projects, a sketchbook and some hello kitty contact. on it I have a cushion from typo and a bunny rabbit, and to the right I have some happy lab chocolate.
this is my window! to the left is my typo calender, on the windowsill is my sunglasses bag from mozi, a succulent plant, a photo frame and a paper eiffel tower! I made the garland myself, a tutorial can be found here
this is my doll house! I can't bear to part with it! to the right I have a cute tin container with roses and a water bottle!

this here is my desk! it's a micke desk from ikea and I love it, but I really, really want a trestle!! I don't think I shall ever get one though... :)

here is my white crate with my pens. on the left I have a folder and some notebooks, and in the crate I have my watercolours, sharpies, bic mark its and stabilo pens. next to it in the jar I have my most used pens and pencils.
in front of the crate I have my travel journal (for europe) and a kikki. k stamp set. (excuse my slippers!!)
on the other side of the desk I have my speakers, my red heart thingy from typo, my owl from typo, my bunny from my parents and my alarm clock from a boutique store I can't remember the name of.
here is my gorgeous box my mum's friend made for my birthday, with washi tape and foam letters! I love it! on it I have a little owl lip balm and a lid(?), and north of it I have a donut coaster, a scrunchie and a friendship loom bracelet.
this is my pin board. the two white pictures are of my friends so I turned them over. my friend made the wooden 'G' for me for christmas, I got the card for babysitting a cat and my friend made me the poster! the butterfly and easter egg are ceramic and absolutely gorgeous, and I do love 1D so I have a lanyard thingy!

I hope you liked part one of my room tour!

have a lovely day,
xx georgina


  1. I love your room!! Especially the One Direction lyric poster haha! Kathy x

  2. Your blog is so cute! And your room, too...:) I love your pin board.

    1. thank you Jubilee!

      I just checked out your blog, it's gorgeous!

      x Georgina


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