6 July 2014

DIY // Pom Pom Garland


Today's post is a DIY! This is a really exciting post I've had planned for a while now... I hope you enjoy!

DIY Pom Pom Garland

First of all, you need:
+Pom Poms
+Thread/String (preferably in a contrasting colour)
+A big needle

1.Thread the thread/string through the needle. Get the needle, and take it through the pom pom. Drag the pom pom to the end of the thread (leave enough room on the thread to tie to up after) and tie a knot.

Continue doing so to the other end of the thread. Originally I did knots between my pom poms, but I was using thread so it basically was clinging to the string, so I didn't need to tie it. With thread I would definitely tie it!

And you are done! I love how simple it is to do, but how nice it looks! What do you think??

x georgina


  1. Love this! Such an easy tutorial :) And helpful because I can't make my own pom poms without them looking half-full or something!

    Have an amazing day
    Ruby xox

    1. Hi Ruby!

      haha I can't either! so I just made it with these store-bought pompoms my mum has had sitting around for a while now… she didn't notice them disappear!
      same to you,
      xx georgina

  2. Awww so cute! definitely going to make one of this for my room. And I love ur blog, Georgina :)

    x Bulan
    Hallo Horo

    1. Thanks Bulan! I love your blog; it's so cute! You are especially fantastic at drawing!
      X Georgina

  3. Hey! Just found your blog. I love it. Give mine a visit?


    1. already love your blog! thanks so much lovely xx


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