13 July 2014

What's on my iPod


Today's post is... What's On My iPod!! Please comment below any apps you think I should get and feel free to email / comment if you want to know more about a certain app!

This is my lockscreen! Because iPod Touch 4th Gen's don't update to ios7, I'm stuck with ios6! oh well!

I got both my wallpapers from here

My first page is basically just the built in apps! I basically have the built in apps that I do use outside the Utilities folder, and the ones I don't inside it! On the bottom bar I have things I use frequently/pratically every spare moment!

My next page is only apps I've downloaded. I've sorted them like this for no particular reason other than the fact that I'm an organisational freak. Seriously.

I don't have many social apps; this is it other then Instagram!

Blogger the Blogger app is great because I have to share my computer with my family, so I can put all the photos into a post on the computer, and write it on my iPod!
Pinterest - I only just got it recently, and I don't use it much, because I get so addicted to it! When I'm on it, I just can't get off! I do love it so!
Polyvore - Great. For. Wishlists. Kind of like Pinterest, but you make "boards" of things, like an outfit, or a bedroom, or things like that. My Polyvore account id called @chocdippedstrawberries (don't ask)

Then Editing. I put the InstaFollow app in here because I had only just got it and wasn't thinking. Bear with me!

ABM app (A Beautiful Mess) - gorgeous blog, gorgeous girls, gorgeous shop, gorgeous houses, gorgeous book, how much more gorgeous can you get? oh an app. get any more gorgeous and the earth is at risk!! just kidding. this app IS amazing though, the "doodles" are so cute and I love the fonts! 
iMovie - I haven't used this much, but I will be using it for future projects on the blog! I love the music they provide so much!!
Instafollow - to see who I haven't yet followed back on Instagram, to see who unfollowed and other things too!
Squaready - makes pictures that aren't a suitable shape for Instagram suitable! soooooo good!
Video Star - a little like iMovie, but you film yourself (and friends. and cat. and possibly neighbour over the fence putting out the laundry) dancing to music and add effects! my friends and I have so much fun doing these!
VSCO Cam - BEST. EFFECTS. EVERRRRRR! makes any picture look great!

Lifestyle! Basically anything else! haha

365 Big Day Lite - I was using this to count down to my Europe trip!
iBooks - for reading??
LINE Brush and SketchBook MobileX - drawing!!

Games! For when I have no internet / am bored. 

Angry Birds - shoot birds. at pigs. get stars. show off to your dad.
Cut The Rope - come on, let's get the candy / donut / other food to OmNom! sooooooo addictive!
Flappy Bird - no longer available on the app store :( but soooooo fun! there's some versions you can find like "flappy fish" but they aren't quite the same :(
Minecraft PE - Minecraft. Need I say more?
Super 7 - this weird little maths game where you have to make 7s?

Thanks for reading!

Xx Georgina


  1. Your wallpaper for your iPod is so cute! I am gonna need to have a look at some of the apps I don't have..
    xx Brittany
    - www.bubblegumbeachballs.blogspot.com

    1. thanks brittany! I don't use these wallpapers anymore, as I made my own for an upcoming freebie for the blog! xx georgina


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