2 March 2014

DIY Paint Chip Heart Garland

Hello little daisies,
Today I am going to teach you how to make a DIY paint chip heart garland.

You will need:
- Paint Chips


-String (as big as you want your garland to be)

-washi tape/masking tape/glue gun

1. Arrange your paint chips in colour order. Then cut them into similar sized sqaures.

Keep the scraps for future crafts.

2. Now cut your squares into hearts. Having them as squares means they will be a similar size but you can skip that step if you want to.

3. Take your hearts and arrange them the way you want them.

4. Glue/tape your hearts onto the string.

5. It should look like this:


Thanks for reading,

Georgina xx


  1. Such a cute DIY! I'm glad to have stumbled across your blog, and I will be following you on bloglovin ASAP!

    x Erin


    1. hello erin,
      thank you! I always like to hear positive feedback :)
      is there anything you'd like to see on my blog?
      x georgina


Hi! Thanks for commenting! I will reply as soon as I can! Georgina xx