11 October 2014

touring through blogland


when the lovely Brittany from Hello Bubblegum Blog and Xanthe from Blame The Cat Blog invited me to participate in the Touring Through Blogland, how could I say no? Tour Through Blogland is basically a chain letter/tag going through all the blogs, where you answer a bunch of questions and tag 2-3 other bloggers to do the same!

What am I working on?
Prepping lot's of blog posts! And poetry writing (click here to see one I posted on instagram) and drawing, and watercolours, and fashion posts, and wish lists, and oh so much more!

How does my work differ from others from it's genre?
Well, I guess you could say it doesn't have a genre, which makes it pretty different. My blog basically expresses who I am as a person; with other things I'd tried to do on the Internet, I had to change to fit in, and that's why I stopped them, but with blogging, I fir right in!

Why do I write/create what I do?
Because that is who I am! I am a fashion-lover, a music-listener, a craft-aholic, a dreamer, everything I blog about is something I'm passionate about!

How does your writing/creating process work?
well, I will think of an idea, from pinterest, instagram, anywhere! and I will write it down. I'll make a draft of some of the text I will use in my post on my ipod. Then I will take the photos. If it's a fashion post, I'll ask my dad to take the photos of me. The rest I take myself :-) I upload the pictures and edit them, before adding them to the text, then one final read through, before I schedule the post! ta-da!

now the fun part! I tag....
Georgia from Raspberri Sorbet Blog
gosh, this girl is gorgeous! she has the best ideas, and I still can't get over the fashion-post-in-a-car-park idea! it was so cool!

Lucy from Lucy Out And About
Lucy is so,so,so cool! Her posts are completely original, and she has just started up an online magazine!

Abbey from Abbey Leigh Blog
Abbey is so sweet! Her blog posts are so cute, and I loved the funfetti cake she did with Lucy (that Lucy there^!)

lots of confetti,
georgina x


  1. Hi , I love your blog so much !! And your instagram is absaloutly ⭐️AMAZING⭐️ As well!!!
    Do you have any tips for new or wanna be bloggers ?

    1. Thanks Lily! I'm actually planning on posting some tips on blogging in weeks to come, so keep an eye out!
      -Georgina x

  2. It's looks fun ! I want to doing this next time :D
    btw, cute blog and really inspiring ! Keep up the good work, Georgiana !


    1. Hi Artha!
      You should totally do this! It's really fun! I'll tag you as well, so you can do it! hehe x
      And thank you!
      -Georgina x


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