1 October 2014

interview // never normal blog

hello lovelies,

today I have an interview with the lovely Alanna of Never Normal Blog. make sure to check her out her blog; it's absolutely gorgeous!

anyway, over to the interview!


hello! thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by deers + daisies blog. could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! it's a pleasure to be interviewed on your blog. Well, I was born in England (Essex) then when I was 8 I moved to Wales. I love the countryside and the wildlife there, I dream of becoming a vet and have small hopes of becoming an actress hehe. I moved to Sydney in 2012! 

I understand that you have a twin sister. what's it like having a twin?

Yes! My twin sister's name is Hannah ☺️ Having a twin has its ups and downs.... People never believe us at first as we look nothing alike! Hannah has blonde hair and brown eyes!! But having a twin can be great too we have some really  fun times! It feels special to have a twin and to have someone to share birthdays with!

how have you been blogging/how long do you intend to blog?

I had another blog last year but wasn't really sure what I was doing... I started never normal blog about 3 months ago and I have been loving it! I hope to carry on blogging as I get older but I'm not quite sure how long exactly.

what are your favourite things to do in your spare time?

Well of course I love to blog and come up with new ideas for never normal blog! I also love to bake, read and I love to think about new ideas on designing my room. I adore animals so I enjoy going next door to play with my neighbour's puppy! I also watch youtubers like Zoella xo

what are your favourite blogs?

My favourite blogs at the moment are Zoella and Vanilla Craft Blog. I adore zoella! She is a British youtuber and blogger who gives great advice on beauty. I also think your blog is absolutely amazing, it's so cute and inspiring!! aw thank you!

where do you get inspiration from?

I get inspiration from many different blogs including deers and daisies blog! I love Pinterest so I get cute ideas from there and I love Instagram! I get lots of inspiration from lots of Instagram pages!

Thank you for interviewing me! You are very welcome!!

isn't she just gorgeous! you can see more of Alanna at her blog, which is just as gorgeous as she is!

xx georgina


  1. Cute little interview!
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