3 August 2014

My Loom Love

 Hello lovelies!
In this post I thought I'd share all my looming creations! I haven't made many as I only got my loom two weeks ago* (*at time of writing) and I've nearly run out of bands! I hope you enjoy!
 These are all my bracelets! (and one choker necklace) The single loom is what keeps my loom band container shut, the one I'm most proud of is the starburst, and the prettiest on is the donut choker or the railroad (orange) bracelet!
 These are my charms! The one I'm most proud of is the donut, the prettiest is the watermelon, and the easiest is the heart, which I posted a tutorial about so check it out here.
 These are the ones my friends made for me when I didn't have my own loom! Thanks Jess, Abbey, Harriet and Camryn!
And to finish off, a heart made of my loom creations : )

hope you had/have/are having a great day!
xx georgina

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