23 February 2014

Interview // Sophie from Catcus Blog


Today I've got an interview with the lovely Sophie from Catcus Blog, I hope you enjoy!

What inspired you to start blogging?

 I was inspired to start blogging by looking on other gorgeous blogs, such as A Little Birdy Blog and Vanilla Craft Blog. My friend and I thought it would be pretty cool to start our own blogs, so we did!

What are your favourite blogs?

Where do you find your inspiration from?

I find inspiration from other bloggers, instagram, pinterest, polyvore, books and magazines.

How long have you been blogging for?

I have only been blogging for at least a month! I guess I'm a rookie . . . .

What's your favourite topic to blog on?

I haven't posted much yet (sigh), but I look forward to posting more on DIY, fashion, beauty, room decor and anything else that comes to mind!

Blogging essential? 

My camera is definitely my blogging essential! I take it everywhere with me.

Top five brands. 

Gorman, Kikki K, Sportsgirl, Leonard St, One Day At A Time and many others.

Favourite/Most inspirational author?

I don't really have a favourite author. I enjoy heaps of different books, so it's a tough decision!

Favourite reads?

I love to read any books that are impossible to put down, I think they're the best kind of books. I really want to read The Fault In Our Stars, it looks great. The magazines I read are Frankie and Yen.

Favourite picture?

I love this photo I took in Hawaii. My mum and I were walking on the beach and the most amazing sunset I had ever seen appeared. It had purples, pinks, oranges, blues and all sorts of colours in it. It was incredible.

Thanks Sophie! I learnt heaps from doing this interview with you and hope to collaborate more in the future! To see my answers, go to Sophie's blog
Georgina xoxo

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