20 February 2014


Hello! My name is Georgina and welcome to my blog.

To start off, I'm going to do 20 facts about myself:

1. My favourite song is Happy by Pharrell.
2. I looooove London Grammar!
3. I am also obsessed with One Direction and Olly Murs! I must have a thing for British voices...
4. My top five chains/brands are: The Cotton On chain, Jay Jays, Kikki K, Ikea and cute online stores!
5. I love art, crafts and DIYS. That's kind of why I started a blog, so I would be more inclined to DIY!
6. My favourite foods are watermelon and waffles. 
7. I like drawing and painting and taking photos of pineapples, but they are too sour for me!
8. My favourite magazine is Frankie. Full-stop, double dot.
9. I have a twin brother who skates- theskatecircle.blogspot.com
10. I've never moved house....
11. I love the idea of nail art, I'm just not good at it!
12. I only recently stopped biting my nails. Fingers-crossed that this time it's permanent!
13. I. Love. Disney. Movies.
14. I don't think I can sing.... other people have said I can but I don't believe them!
15. I just recently got my first camera! yay!
16. I love food....
17. My favourite colours are sunshine yellow, sky/pastel blue and white. clinical white.
18. My favourite holiday is Christmas
19. I play netball. that's it.
20. I love shower gel. Random but true!

This blog will be full of DIY's, latest loves, interviews and more! I hope you all enjoy!

georgina xo

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